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We're doing airstrikes in Yemen? This is beginning to feel like a regional war

Why doesn't anyone ever tell me these things? I knew the United States conducted drone strikes a few years ago, including one that killed an American citizen on purpose, something that I still don't get in legal terms.

But sending in piloted aircraft is a major step. Suddenly I begin to see what several of you have been worrying about, as the U.S. conducts military operations in, let's see: Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya. Pakistan. Yemen. Pretty soon we may be able just to refer to it as one big old war. 


The Best Defense

Syrian 'Gay Girl' a fake?

It looks like I got taken in here. If she is a phony, I apologize for highlighting passages in this blog. HT to salty Littlemantate for good antenna on this.

But there may be even more to this story. "I wouldn't give up on her yet," cautions Jim Gourley, our chief correspondent for physical and mental fitness. "I've dealt with people like this before. She's obviously in Damascus, and pretty apparently homosexual. Given that, I'd say the real story may still be a sympathetic one. What I've found in my experience is that people like this craft these kinds of elaborate personalities for themselves as an escape. I would hypothesize that the incident with her father facing down the security goons is half-true, with the heroic father being the creation of an imagination that wishes her real father was like that. Probably more likely is that she was rejected by her family in the beginning and feels horrible about it."