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Dempsey as JCS chairman?

The AP, which has been breaking news lately, says that Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, the Yeats-reading new chief of the Army, is gonna become the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

The two questions I have:

--Why deprive the Army of his talents now? The Army needs some help.

--Why is Gates leading making the choice, instead of Panetta, the guy who will have to work with him?

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The Best Defense

In case anyone still believed Pakistan's ISI was being unfairly tarred for terrorist links

According to testimony in a current trial:

--An ISI agent specifically added Chabad House as a Jewish target to the list of places to be hit in the Mumbai terrorist action.

--Handlers in Pakistan also instructed the terrorists during the raid on how to kill hostages at Chabad House:

After approaching from behind, place the barrel on the back of their head and fire," one handler said, according to a transcript of an intercepted conversation from the Chabad House that was read in court yesterday.

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