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Two pieces on Obama's foreign policy

The New Yorker has a fun gossipy account of Obama foreign policy moves. It has some nice touches, but mainly reads to me like the world as seen by Anne Marie Slaughter and her homies at the State Department. The undertone, I think, is "smart girls at the State Department, with some help from Samantha Power, showed Obama and his boys at the White House how to do foreign policy." The article gets Drezner-ized here. I'm surprised that FP's Shadow Governors haven't feasted on this article. (It is a fun blog but they need to file more.)

I actually found this Sunday New York Times Magazine piece on Obama's mother more illuminating, in terms of understanding the president and his view of the world. But both are good articles -- and strong examples of the role of long-form journalism.

New York Times Magazine

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No. 9 for the year: Commodore of Navy destroyer squadron walks the plank

It's like a war on 0-6s. The 9th jettisonee for the year is the commodore of Navy Destroyer Squadron 1, on allegations of making the Arabian Sea even steamier than it already is.

The photo shows two Navy destroyers having an inappropriate relationship with a rock.  

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