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Is the Air Force spanking its generals good or bad? (BD versus Gen. Dunlap)

Over the last two years, 13 Air Force generals have received letters of admonishment, Air Force Times reports. All but three have retired or indicated they plan to do so.

Retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap expresses concern about this. "It certainly seems that the Air Force is applying a tougher standard than anyone else in the Department of Defense," he told AFT. He worries that public spankings will deter leaders from taking prudent risks.

I actually think the Air Force is doing the right thing, for two reasons. First, it shows that generals are subject to punishment like personnel of other ranks. Second, it is a good first step back toward the long-standing American military tradition of relieving generals who fail, something we have lost in our recent wars. When failure is not punished, then success tends not to be rewarded. And rewarding success is the best way to encourage leaders to take prudent risks.

U.S. Air Force Historical Research Agency

The Best Defense

Poor old Navy skipper

I am surprised that there is such a fuss being made about the captain of the USS Enterprise. I mean, there is tons of masturbation going on aboard any Navy ship that size, chockablock with healthy young sailors. If you could harness that hand power, the vessel probably could do 60 knots even with a strong headwind. Are they banned from making fun about it? As for gay slurs, I don't know. Here's a possible defense: What if he contends that he himself is gay -- would that be kind of like Poles telling Polish jokes?

U.S. Navy