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U.S. policy on Pakistan: heading for a major but unannounced change?

My gut feeling is that U.S. officials are beginning to give up on getting serious anti-Taliban help from the government of Pakistan. My guess is that there won't be any official change stated, but more actions that Pakistani officials haven't been consulted about. Also, if the ISI really is interfering with peace talks with the Taliban, I'd expect to see a rollup of ISI agents in Afghanistan. This would be done quietly, if possible, so the public signs would be reactions such as the kidnapping of Indian officials in Afghanistan, or bombing the Indian embassy again.

My speculation isn't based on any leaks or anything, just a reading of a series of recent newspaper articles.

Shorting Pakistan is kind of a no-brainer: In the long one, which is the better ally to have, India or Pakistan?

The Best Defense

Second Army: the cyber edition

One of the most obscure and confusing echelons of command is the "Army" designation. It is above division and corps -- you remember, like "Patton's Third Army today grabbed more headlines." I mention it because I learned this morning that the U.S. Army (the "big Army") has designated 2nd Army its cybercommand, under the command of Maj. Gen. Rhett Hernandez, who frankly gives a damn.

(HT to MT)