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Underwhelmed by Wikileaks leaks

A huge leak of U.S. reports and this is all they get? I know of more stuff leaked at one good dinner on background. I mean, when Mother Jones yawns, that's an indication that you might not have the Pentagon Papers on your hands.  If anything, the thousands of documents remind me of what it is like to be a reporter: Lots of different people telling you different things. It takes awhile to learn how to distinguish the junk from the gold.

You know how Robert DeNiro used to shout once in every film, "You got nothin' on me, nothin'"? (I think it was in his contract.) This data dump reminded me of that.

Here's Abu Mook's very good summary, cited by MoJo.  


The Best Defense

Many ways to die in Pakistan

The headlines in Dawn struck me on Saturday, bringing home how many ways there are to die in Pakistan. On this particular day, you could go by unidentified gunmen, mob violence, flood, bus plunges (though this accident took place in the part of Kashmir that the newspaper calls "Indian-administered") and of course drone strikes:

Unidentified gunmen kill KP information minister's son

Four killed as Karachi remains tense

Death toll in Balochistan flood reaches 60

At least 25 die as bus plunges into Kashmir river

US missile strike kills 16 militants in South Waziristan