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Stupid Russian spies

A long-term plan to "infiltrate" think tanks, eh?

That is not a project that requires years of effort and much expenditure. I think someone was scamming Moscow Center. "Yes, comrade, we are planning to infiltrate the think tanks in five or ten years. Meanwhile, please send funds for a new car."

I also suspect the FBI is hyping this one.


The Best Defense

A Naval Academy slush fund

The superintendent at Annapolis is ousted over an off-the-books slush fund.

In this case, there was no accountability, because the fund was unknown to the assigned government auditor and it was held outside of any authorized system of government accounting," the report said.

The report noted that expenditures made from the fund were 'extravagant and wasteful.'"

Tom again: No wonder dope-smoking football players didn't raise eyebrows -- the admirals were too busy partying with the taxpayers' money. Funny how people who are all huffy about government waste elsewhere aren't perturbed when it happens at our military academies.

Just Taken Pics/flickr