The Best Defense

The McChrystal media-military mashup: a few preliminary lessons for generals

1. Know who you are talking to. Reporters have track records. A good public affairs officer will know that record and provide you with articles with highlighted quotes. 

2. Establish ground rules. If you have an embedded reporter, you need to say something like, anything you hear inside my tent is off the record until you check it with us. This goes triple for any event involving alcohol.

3. Reporters doing one-off profiles for magazines such as Rolling Stone and Esquire have less invested in a continuing relationship than do beat reporters covering the war for newspapers and newsmagazines. That doesn't mean you should avoid one-off reporters, but it does mean that they have no incentive to establish and maintain a relationship of trust over weeks and months of articles.


The Best Defense

Another Navy skipper canned

The Navy fired the captain of the USS John L. Hall on Tuesday, because the frigate slammed into a pier under his command. Today's Best Defense puzzler: What does the Navy understand about command responsibility that the Army doesn't?

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