The Best Defense

The British post-1945 COIN scorecard

I've been reading an examination by British Col. I.A. Rigden of the British record in counterinsurgency campaigns. Here's the post-1945 scorecard, by his accounting:

  • Wins: 7
    Losses: 5
    Ties: 1
    Incompletes: 2 (Iraq and Afghanistan)

Well, it's a tough league.

Rigden has an interesting bio -- he commanded a Gurkha battalion in Afghanistan, and spent seven years in company command. That's more troop time than most U.S. Army officers probably get in 20-year careers. Anyone out there who knows how the British Army works that very different approach to officer management? 


The Best Defense

Quote of the day: Patton on the dawn

George Patton was a major dude. In his diary entry for March 25, 1943, not long after he succeeded the fired Lloyd Fredendall as the tactical commander of U.S. forces attacking the Germans in Tunisia, he wrote that, "In the morning, as is usual, things looked less gloomy." I think this is one of the rules everybody learns in life. Any major dude will tell you this about the demons at your door.