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It's time to send Tony to the Tower

How could the former British prime minister have no regrets over the Iraq war? C'mon -- at least just a few? Time for Tony to do some quiet thinking in the Tower, I think.

Speaking of Brits, here is the best new blog I've seen out of the UK in awhile. I like the way this guy thinks, and writes. Good take on Marty Amis, too, who I have heard is related to a good writer.

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The Best Defense

Help someone who helped you in Iraq

Many of readers of this blog have done time in Iraq. And almost any American who spent time in Iraq was helped by an Iraqi. Now some of those people need our help. Many are moving here, and need help with basic stuff like finding an apartment, getting kids into a school, getting a driver's license, and learning to negotiate a Costco. Or how to talk to an American cop. 

If you are in the DC area, one way to pitch in is to help the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Collaborative. To find out more, send an e-mail here.