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Will his XO be Capt. Marc Antony?

The Navy on Monday announced that Rear Adm. Julius Caesar has been named to the post of  vice director, joint concept development and experimentation, J9, U.S. Joint Forces Command, located in Suffolk, Va.

Actually "joint development" would be a better job for Rear Adm. Bob Marley.


The Best Defense

Iran: push comes to shove?

Proven provider John McCreary, who is on a roll lately, said a couple of days ago that Iran's domestic political crisis may be approaching the tipping point. The key, he says, is to watch the behavior of the security forces in the near future:

The opposition in Iran is not capable of effecting the political changes it advocates. However, the government is unable to contain it, much less suppress it. A third cycle will begin in a few weeks. When security forces begin to join the protestors, then the Khamenei regime has begun the steep slide. As yet security forces respond to orders and have not crossed the line to join the protestors.

And I see where Trita and Rouzbeh Parsi are asking the same question: "Could the mullahs fall this time?"

Those who doubt this conclusion should visit Andrew Sullivan's blog and check out the many videos from Iran he has posted assiduously in recent days.

Btw, over the weekend the Times of London named Neda Soltan, the young female demonstrator shot to death in Tehran back in June, their person of the year. Good choice. NB to Lucites: Sure beats Ben Bernanke.

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