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Navy tosses the entire leadership of a ship

Continuing news about the relief of officers: The Navy relieved the skipper of the destroyer the USS James Williams, fired the command master chief, and for good measure, transferred the ship's executive officer. The problem was hanky panky between the rankys. "The actions come in the wake of nine fraternization cases between senior and junior enlisted personnel on the Williams," reports the estimable Kate Witrout of the Virginian-Pilot.

I was struck by this comment, posted in response to WTKR-TV's story:

The Admiral of the navy and anyone else responsible for putting men and women together on a ship for long deployments should be held responsible.. There are lots of places on a ship where people can meet and not be found out... As long as men and women are on the same ship, there will be sex. Now they want to put women on subs together. What idiots.

From what I have seen, I think this is kind of true. Men and women will find a way to get together. I'm all for discipline, but there are some things more powerful than discipline. I hate to see the military lose good people for being people.  

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Iraq, the unraveling (XXXIV): Bombing schoolchildren

I hope there is a special corner of Hell reserved for people who bomb schools, which happened today in Sadr City in eastern Baghdad, killing at least seven students and wounding another 41. 

In other news, there was renewed fighting in Tarmiyah, site of one of the more interesting battles of the Surge era in Iraq. Nasty little town.

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