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The Obama team: How to screw things up royally

So U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan (nee General) Eikenberry doesn't want to give Afghan President Karzai a blank check? No one does. But anyone paying attention knows that Eikenberry and Karzai have been like oil and water since Eikenberry was the top American general in Afghanistan. I think it was a bad move to put him in there as our top diplomat. In addition, because Eikenberry was sent to Kabul, that meant Chris Hill, who had been slated for that post, needed to be sent elsewhere, so he was given Baghdad -- which meant shoving aside Anthony Zinni, who already had been asked to go to Iraq, and instead sending Hill, who doesn't know squat about Iraq.


The Best Defense

Welcome home, dogface

This is a video collection of dogs welcoming home their soldiers. Great stuff. 

(HT to Ms. R. Frankel)