The Best Defense

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Look, I think old Obama is a pretty good president. And I've said I think Gates is the best secretary of defense ever. But I think getting all hot and bothered over the possibility of taking one more brigade out of Iraq this year overlooks two basic facts:

  • Obama has broken a campaign promise to take out a brigade a month. (I think he was right to do this, but that's neither here nor there.)
  • Right now, we have about as many troops in Iraq as on average over the last six years.

But I know, this is just today's lead...

Meanwhile, old Juan Cole, among others, says that the Iraqi interior ministry's raid on the MEK shows that pro-Iranian hardliners are getting the upper hand in the Baghdad government.

Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

The Best Defense

Navy endorses single-engine F-35 fighter

Uh-oh. This reeks of desperation. When was the last time the Navy bought a single engine aircraft for its carriers? Was it the F-4 Corsair? (Actually those things had a great range, durable too: One Marine pilot famously knocked down a Japanese plane after his guns jammed by flying his big propeller into the enemy aircraft's tail and chopping off. Then he flew home.)

According to Aerospace Daily & Defense Report, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead recently pronounced, "I'm in the one engine camp."

I hope the planes carry good life jackets.

US Army Korea - IMCOM/Flickr