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McCreary: NoKos acting unusually reckless

I said I was gonna ignore North Korea, and I still intend to. But I was struck by this comment by proven provider John McCreary in his NightWatch:

During the past 40 years North Korean leaders have been blustery but fundamentally risk averse. They have done nothing that would risk the total destruction of their state -- which means Pyongyang for all practical and symbolic purposes -- until now.... The actions in the past two days represent risk accepting behavior, defiance bordering on recklessness. This behavior began shortly after Kim Chong-il's stroke in August 2008. If Kim is ordering these actions, he has had a personality change, which can occur if dementia follows a stroke, according to medical authorities."


The Best Defense

Skinny-dipping last weekend with Carla Bruni

Just saying that phrase to brighten up David Rothkopf's day. Sure was hot on Sunday. 

Hervé Corcia/Flickr