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The U.S. Army speaks up for Hamas

The Army War College chose this week to release a report that has some surprisingly kind words for Israel's foes in the Gaza Strip: "HAMAS' political and strategic development has been both ignored and misreported in Israeli and Western sources which villainize the group, much as the PLO was once characterized as an anti-Semitic terrorist group," writes Sherifa Zuhur, a research professor at the War College's Strategic Studies Institute. "Negotiating solely with the weaker Palestinian party-Fatah-cannot deliver the security Israel requires. . . . The underlying strategies of Israel and HAMAS appear mutually exclusive . . . . Yet each side is still capable of revising its desired endstate and of necessary concessions to establish and preserve a long-term truce, or even a longer-term peace."

Among her timely if impolitic recommendations: "Israel and the United States need to abandon their policies of non-negotiation and non-communication with HAMAS."

The Best Defense

Clueless on Gaza, part 2

I'd like to know why Hezbollah is being so quiet on the Israeli-Lebanese border. I would think this would be the opportune time for them to make moves. Shows what I know.